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BYE BYE 2020, we surely won’t miss you! To all businesses that survived the global pandemic, congrats to the new year and here’s to the full-steam ahead approach towards keeping your doors open; for it is now time to focus on thriving not just surviving. How do we do that? By staying two steps ahead of the outbreak and being prepared in the event of an exposure. Some pretty neat gadgets and trends have recently hit the market to help protect your workspace by making your building cleaner, safer, healthier.  

Let there be light! The first trend to touch on is something you may have heard and thought was a joke at first, but we assure you it is very real and very effective. UVC Light Disinfection, or ultraviolet C light, is a natural germicide that can break down the DNA of an organism so it cannot replicate or survive. Killing up to 99.9% of the harmful pathogens, bacteria, and viruses living on  every surface, the UVC rays can penetrate the microorganisms within every nook and cranny. UVC disinfection is Ideal for areas with irregular or hard to reach surfaces like aircrafts, machines, medical equipment, etc. UVC disinfection is also a great alternative for any electronic or other fragile surface because it is  chemical-free, moisture-free and touch-free allowing for sterile surfaces with no residue or risk of deterioration. One of the more impressive examples of UVC disinfection is the Tru-D Smart UVC robot that automatically scans the room for pathogens and applies the exact amount of needed UVC light to sterilize the entire room it is in, truly a phenomenal concept. 


Another industry trend we have been noticing is Thermal Imaging Access Control. The idea behind this is simple: a thermal reading will be taken from each individual attempting to gain access into the facility and if there is an elevated temperature reading, then that person will not be granted access. This is beneficial to businesses who have been required to take the temperature of guests at the door before entering, enabling employers to utilize employees’ time in more productive ways than just standing by the door. It should be noted, however, that technology can never replace a human’s discernment. For example, say it is a hot summer day and the person trying to gain access to the building is just overheated from walking, but not truly running a fever. There should probably be some kind of situational protocol in place for this type of access control. Then again, for these uncertain times it is true that it is much better to be safe than sorry.  Time will tell on this trend

The last trend to discuss in this blog post is something I feel we as a society have been flirting with and inching towards for over 50 years, and that is the push towards touch-free technology. As depicted in vintage Sci-Fi movies and books, can you imagine operating a machine with a simple hand motion, or perhaps even mind control? How about working and typing on a computer which you never had to physically touch? Well, it is virtually around the corner. There are affordable products already on the market to enable your electronics to have a virtual keyboard that traces your finger movements to type and function on the device. With this type of technology you would never have to worry about who used the device previously nor would you worry about cleaning in between the keys where billions of germs harbor. There are also some prototypes for mind operated computers  and gadgets! With this trend in place, there really is no limit to what we can do without lifting a finger in the future! 



Whatever direction your business chooses to go, there is one thing we can all agree on and that is there needs to be not just one, but several layered approaches to combatting viral outbreaks in the workplace. The best offense is an impenetrable defense. Now is the time to bulk up on knowledge and strategize what options are best for your industry and your day-to-day activities. It may seem like a lot of up-front expenses but to have a fighting chance this year we will need to stay as healthy as possible and thrive! If you need any help whatsoever with creating a cleaner, safer, healthier building and workspace than please contact us at Aspen Services Group. We can help create an infection control plan that is tailored for your business needs. Good luck in the new year and God bless! 


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Still a lot to be Thankful for...




Still a lot to be Thankful for...

What a long and strange ride its been this year and I am not sure I can speak for everyone else but, I CANNOT BELIVE IT IS ALREADY THE HOLIDAY SEASON!! Where did the time go?

Okay, okay so we are here and yes, it is November now and for the most part we have all accepted the new normal caused by the pandemic which is very much still happening…so what do we do now? Isolate and not see friends or family? Throw food at each other from 6 feet away? Risk it all for a warm embrace? I know that is a lot to think about for most of us after months on end of lockdowns, curfews and overall heightened anxieties. If you are trying to make that decision this year here are a few things to keep in mind.

If you should find yourself among those who have the good fortune and constitution to travel or have guests over this year, then here are some tips from the CDC to stay as safe as possible. You deserve to have a fun and relaxing holiday. Just please remember we need to do what we can to safely return to the office as cautiously and respectfully as possible afterwards. 

By this point, all of us should have the 6-feet of social distancing, hand washing, and face mask wearing memo, I will glide on to the other helpful points of precautionary plans to have a safer Thanksgiving gathering. First and foremost, communicate with all guests who made the limited invite list and clearly lay out the expectations set for this year’s event. It may seem a bit harsh to call and give guests a set of rules and expectations before warmly welcoming them to your home, but remember these are unprecedented times and you must understand these “rules” are only in place because you care deeply about every guest and their continued health. For example: 

  • it should be addressed if there is a strict guest list and to please not bring any surprise guest
  • mention that there will be “off-limits” areas of the house like the kitchen where food and drinks will be prepped
  • Send a friendly reminder text to “please bring a mask” for socializing between meals 



How about those who can’t make it this year? 

I didn’t forget about you guys, and I absolutely respect and honestly admire your difficult decision to just stay home. You may be alone this year in body but certainly not in spirit! In fact, more than ever this year will hallmark a new tradition of the virtual holiday experience. With  "Virtual Thanksgiving” quickly becoming the theme of 2020, many have already suggested some creative options to feel a bit more connected despite the distance. 

  • Virtually attend anywhere around the world by creating a free ZOOM account and inviting your friends and family! All you need is an internet connection and a free account which you can make at and viola! 
  • Drive-by caravan a relative or friend’s house who may not be able to leave the house. You may not be able to go inside or have face-to-face interaction but it is the next best thing to show up and show that you support them and their situation. Maybe you can even bring a sealed food plate to leave for them at their door! A little goes a long way this year, trust me. 
  • Plan a watch party for a tv show, movie or sports game that you can arrange to all start at the same time as your remote friends. You can all group text or chat over Facebook messenger or Google's Gmail Hangout for free while you simultaneously watch. For a brief moment in time, you may just feel like you are hanging with friends again like normal.

Whatever you choose to do this holiday season please just remember that there is still a lot to be thankful for.  I know I for one am thankful to live in a world with modern medicine and high speed internet. We can communicate news and the progression of a vaccine information immediately as it happens worldwide. I am thankful to have a table to eat on and roof over my head. I am thankful for every minute I am of free volition and strength and not afraid and alone in a hospital gasping for air like many less fortunate others are this year…to you all, my heart goes out. I am profoundly thankful this year to all the first responders, nurses and doctors in crowded hospitals who will be working on Thanksgiving. You do not even have the luxury to chose to stay home or see friends. Thank you. 

I hope you all have something you can look at this year and show thanks for despite all the negativity and loss. Loving your friends and family may just mean respectfully staying away this year. However, if you are one of the lucky few who do manage to travel, then please do what you can to be as safe as possible so that we all have a smooth return to work afterwards. All that to say, I truly wish you and yours a HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY!