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Color Change

Color Change

Fall and Winter Color Change for Commercial Landscaping


Winter is here! I have a few tips and tricks you should know for your commercial landscaping contracts to ensure you will have beautiful pops of color all year round no matter how harsh your winters get. The name of the game is called: “Color Change,” and you want to make sure your contract has at least 2 color changes per year. 




There are some really beautiful and affordable options when it comes to cold loving flowers. The most popular I would say would be the Pansy. Not only are pansies absolutely stunning in their vast array of color options from warm yellows to vibrant almost neon pinks, purples, and blues; but they are also extremely conservative financially. You really can get any color pansy that you wish to compliment your landscaping color scheme and the install is very simple, you can plant them in almost anything! These deceivingly delicate little flowers stand their own during cold winds and even freezing ice storms. Many plant pansies in the fall around October and they last well into February/March…the only thing you really have to worry about are the squirrels getting to them (they love the pretty color flowers too!) 

In the same family as the Pansy, we have another favorite winter flower called the Viola. Resembling the Pansy in both color varieties and general shape, the Viola is basically the little sister of the Pansy. Both can survive extreme colds and freezes. 

Another great winter foliage will be Cyclamen. Resembling almost that of a Tulip, Cyclamen are feathery upright petals that pop in bright pinks and purples and white. Cyclamen do run a bit more expensive that Pansies and Violas but they really are majestic when you see them lined up in a row around the base of a tree or in a potted arrangement. As well, though Cyclamen can withstand cold and freezing temperature drops, they do need quite a bit of running water and sunlight so these tend to be better in more mild winters. 

The best thing you can do is ask your Landscaping crew what they think is the best fit for your region and your projected winter, and then don’t be afraid to get a second opinion! If you need any help deciding what is best for your landscaping, please give us a call here as Aspen Services Group! We are always happy to serve!